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I'm not sure what you are referring to, but for most of SGA, anything was better than a Daedalus class in terms of firepower. The Asgard upgrades to the Daedalus class came after the Ori arc ended and the Asgard stupidly blew themselves up.
true, but the deadalus-class was a year or two in service when it got the pretty blue asgard beams, not 10,000 years, an it's shields were good enough to battle the mighty ori ships from the start. before the upgrade, it nuked a couple of really big wraith ships, and a whole fleet of asuran vessels. nukes are firepower, substantially more so than the ancient drones. not so hip, though.

the aurora is such an eye sore, firepower does not redeem that.

i liked the asgard comeback in sga season 5, hoped there would me more bad asgards.
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