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@Alidar Jarok

It's a common complaint about other Civs, but I've found that they respond in fairly expected ways to your actions. Basically, you have to keep your word and not settle too close to them or else they'll start to distrust you. There's two factors, one, they don't show the diplomatic numbers because it really isn't realistic (both from a real world perspective and from the perspective of playing against a human). Second, they are playing to win, so they'll respond with hostility if you start conquering the world. I've also found that, through animations and tone (with a couple of exceptions), you'll know it when they're angry.
if your going to be a saint or monster, you certainly can predict what they are going to do, but what about everything in between?
For example, Late in the game, Suleiman, ( I think) complained I had too many wonders. But, He never did anything about it, and I could still make any agreement with him. Could I have pushed him over the edge that way? Was he specifically wonder-envious, or did all the civs feel that way? It Would have been nice if i could gauge his personality someway, and strategize accordingly.

I don't see how research pacts can get you ahead of everyone else, you both get techs out of it.
Making a research pact with 2-4 civs on the other hand, can jump you ahead. I never had trouble with gold, till the end, cause of all the buildings I had, and even then a golden age could double or even triple my income. i could even give a civ the fee if they didnt have it, in order to enter an agreement.

I was able to keep my peeps deliriously happy, until I decided to compare puppet cities with annexed cities. So ages were frequent. As were great people, who could also trigger golden ages.

They haven't had Ode to Joy for WLTK since Civ2. It was nice back then, but that's a long time to complain about something being missing.
I scoff at your inability to carry a ridiculous grudge!

I may have been playing the game wrong. Trying to push an older civ-mindset on a new game-mechanic. I hope more people contest my review so I can determine if that is so.
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