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Re: Star Trek: Shaping a Cardassian - Among the Dragons

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Oh I have THIS in my head.

I used to have a corporate training instructor who made people sing that, and do the dance, when they were late to class. Now I'm imagining Brenok ordering Kapoor to do that as a punishment for being late to the bridge!!!

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She says she likes him, but she doesn't realise he actually starts to like her too. He wouldn't admit it even to himself, but I think the fact that he smiles so much is telling.
I'd say she's still intimidated. I can't wait to see what makes that change--when she starts to realize that she might even be able to make friends, not just colleagues.
She is. He's not exactly a pal for her and she knows there is little to none chance he could ever be. However she starts to understand that in spite of the distance between them, he doesn't abuse his position to intimidate her and that he actually is quite nice (as nice as a high ranking Cardassian could be to someone, who he considers almost a teenager). He expects respect from her, as from any other young, low ranking Cardassian, but he's not patronising her.
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