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Re: Star Trek: Shaping a Cardassian - Among the Dragons

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I figured it's like steam in a eventually HAS to get out.
I think that's quite accurate
Oh I have THIS in my head.

I used to have a corporate training instructor who made people sing that, and do the dance, when they were late to class. Now I'm imagining Brenok ordering Kapoor to do that as a punishment for being late to the bridge!!!

Some of Cardassians could think they should be lenient for a person, who has no "chain of command" instinct and would be more understanding if Kapoor makes mistakes.
As long as they make sure not to see it as a disability, but as a natural trait of the species, that will be a HUGE help once they understand.

She says she likes him, but she doesn't realise he actually starts to like her too. He wouldn't admit it even to himself, but I think the fact that he smiles so much is telling.
I'd say she's still intimidated. I can't wait to see what makes that change--when she starts to realize that she might even be able to make friends, not just colleagues.
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