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Re: Star Trek: Shaping a Cardassian - Among the Dragons

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I figured it's like steam in a eventually HAS to get out.
I think that's quite accurate

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I sure hope that if she messes up in another way, that they'll really start to figure out what's different between Cardassians and humans. Maybe Jarol will figure it out when Kapoor doesn't think to report a certain situation, that there's something different?
Some of Cardassians could think they should be lenient for a person, who has no "chain of command" instinct and would be more understanding if Kapoor makes mistakes. I think that's what Zamarran would think. He slowly comes to accept that she babbles without thinking and he doesn't take offence, as he knows it's just her way and she doesn't mean any disrespect. His attitude is a bit like Chinese treat foreigners, who know little of their culture - they are "barbarians" and need to be forgiven And educated

She says she likes him, but she doesn't realise he actually starts to like her too. He wouldn't admit it even to himself, but I think the fact that he smiles so much is telling.
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