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atlantis is my favourite stargate show too, but in particular the seasons 3 and 4. what's the problems with the pegasus replicators? there was only one race of them in the whole galaxy, and i found the abundance of humans far more puzzling. how did they get there? as far as i remember, the goa'uld spread humans all over the milky way, not the ancients, the ancients did not ship them to pegasus either, and the goa'uld were unknown there. if i have to name my favourite atlantis episode, amongst many, it's the two parts of the return.
what in hell would shepard do with one of the obsolete ancient starships? they are no match for the asgard-updated daedalus class. and why did ancient technology move backwards, anyway? the ships of atlantis are about 10,000 years old technology (why did the asurans not improve them?), while the destiny is far older and far superior.
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