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Re: Favourite Bond films....

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As for the Daniel Craig films:

I like Casino Royale but I think it's way overrated. It's excellent whenever it's doing its own thing but grinds to a halt every time it goes back to the poker table. Still, every director in the business needs to watch the opening chase sequence to see how to do a chase sequence that's exciting AND completely comprehensible. (I'm looking at YOU, Paul Greengrass & Peter Berg!)

But I hate Quantum of Solace. To me, Daniel Craig isn't James Bond. He's a dour, joyless thug and I have no desire to watch him. I'm sure it's not his fault. I think he's being intentionally directed that way. Still... ugh! Plus, Quantum is filled with all of these contemporary references to the shitty current world situation. It can't go more than 5 minutes without reminding us that we're running out of oil or that our governments are in league with unsavory dictators or that global warming will destroy everything! I prefer my Bond movies, even at their grittiest, to be escapism, not An Inconvenient Truth.
Yes but it isn't like Bond hasn't reflected the world situation at the time, just off the top of my head:

the man with the golden gun talks a lot about the energy crisis, relating to the OPEC stuff going on at the time.

A View to a Kill with the whole silicon chip nonsense!

The Living Daylights featuring the Soviet occupation of Afghanistan/the opium trade.

I am pretty much the only person in the world who likes QoS though

By the way I agree about Connery, blasphamy it may be but in many respects he's my least favourite Bond, and his films just aren't as fun to rewatch as Moore's. Just a pacing issue between the two decades, though having said that I'm not fond of Diamonds with is Connery in a proto Moore film.

Another vote here for Tanya Roberts as the worst Bond girl ever. Denise Richards is horrible casting from a time when the producers obviously felt the franchise needed a name American actress (Hatcher, Richards, Berry). That said I often think she's better than she has any right to be as Christmas Jones.

I think Live and Let Die is one of those films that's been reappraised over the years, for a time the blackploitation elements did disturb me a bit, but by all accounts Kotto raves about being in it, and I think it marked something of a watershed, with a black actor playing the big boss villain, not just the comedy henchman.
Also the fact that while Mr Big had the blaxploitation lingo down, Kananga was erudite, soft-spoken, well-educated and charismatic. That was even more rare than a black actor playing the big boss villain.
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