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Re: Favourite Bond films....

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To me, Daniel Craig isn't James Bond. He's a dour, joyless thug
You haven't read the books, then....

Anyhow, he's not joyless in CR, and there's story reasons why he's dour and joyless in QoS!

I know he'd been saying after QoS that the next one would be a little lighter, more of a balanced Bond movie, and I hope that MGM's woes won't fuck that up.
I hope so too. Having said that I'm not sure how joyous he was in CR. There were all the trappings of Bond, but he seemed to find them pretty hollow. As Vesper says, a nice suit but you wear it with such disdain. You could argue that, until the love scenes with Vesper he gets most pleasure from the bomber blowing himself up on the runway (love the smile Craig has then)

There's on little nuance of Craig's Bond that I love, it's how disposable everything is. He just has this way of throwing things aside once they've served their purpose. Car keys. mobile phones, could even add in the blase way he dumps the unconcious Camile on a busboy, which is a very funny scene, and even the way he dumps Mathis' body. Hell at the end he just lets Vesper's necklace fall to the floor. Eventually he dumps everyone and everything.

Except M obviously.
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