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Re: USS Grandeur - One... More... Time!

As promised, here's a whole big batch of new WIPs. Lots of detailing added to the auxilliary deflector dish and the bridge deck and surrounding areas. More notes on specific features at the bottom of this post.

The colors used around the aux deflector are not final. The rust brown panels follow established precedent but I'm not convinced that they really fit with the rest of the color scheme or what they will look like when the dish lights up.

The name and registry light has finally been revealed. Sorry to dash the hopes of those of you who were expecting a shuttle bay or something more exotic.

The back half of B-deck is still pretty plain but you will undoubtedly notice the "sword" laid out behind the bridge-deck rear windows. One of the design goals for this ship is to integrate a number of unique features related to its Arthurian inspiration and this is one of them. It is actually intended to be functional, not just aesthetic, though I have no idea at the moment what that function might be. The end result should be a bit more subtle once the rest of the detailing is added.

Finally, the grills that wrap around the back half of the bridge-deck are not vents or exhaust ports or anything like that. Eventually those pits will be filled with some heavy greebling and a few point lights to suggest sensor arrays or something similarly techy.

By the way, for those who are interested, current face count is running about 450,000, though that is actually down a bit as I have begun freezing and optimizing some of the Sub-D objects. I'm hoping to keep the final model under the half a million mark, but we'll see.
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