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Re: Welcome new Voyager fans!

I didn't have the best start in this community but I'll give it another shot as I surely hope that Star Trek fans are a little more understanding and diplomatic than that first initial experience was.

My name is Annie (Andrea legally but no one calls me that). I was born on an island called Korcula in Croatia. I went to visit my grandma in Bosnia (town of Tuzla) back in may 1992. The war broke out about a week after we got there so we were stuck in Tuzla for about a year, Sarajevo for about 2 years and then we finally managed to escape to Essen, Germany. I got into Star Trek during the war actually (there were quite a few UN officers who kept themselves occupied at night with various types of entertainment (when we had electricity that is) including watching tv and playing music)

When I finally moved to Germany I officially became a big fan of ST. The Next Generation and Voyager in particular meant a great deal to me and helped me with my German (ST was dubbed in Germany). I live in Canada now (Vancouver) and am studying at UBC. I recently started watching Voyager again. I didn't watch it since it ended and quite surprisingly I'm as big of a fan all over again as I once was. This show, and Janeway's character in particular, have been such a great influence on my life and oddly enough I didn't even realize it until recently when I started watching the show again.

That's about all. That's the short story I normally LJ more and I like to blog on occasion. I think this is my first ST forum experience here since I was 12! Back then I used to post on the Sat 1 forums (a german channel that aired ST had an ST section on their website). Glad to be here
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