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ENTER: Misc Avatar Contest: "Favorite Painter"

Okay, gang, the new Avatar Contest is here.

In this one, we will submit Avatars showcasing the work of our favorite painters. And I don't mean the guy who turned your house from that ugly shade of yellow into a nice fluorescent purple. I'm talking about the people throughout the centuries who have put brush to canvas and created enduring works of art.

Some examples are:

Good old Boticelli (they covered up Venus just in time there, or I might have gotten a Warning).

The sadly troubled Van Gogh (some people pay good money to see what he saw, and they still don't get it right).

The superhumanly brilliant da Vinci (there's something wrong with a world where ornithopters don't fly).

The oft-parodied and under-appreciated Grant Wood (just don't call him "Goth").

The iconic chronicler of Americana Norman Rockwell (yeah, somebody's watchin' him).

Or the stunningly photorealistic SF genius Michael Whelan (and his pictures are pretty lifelike, too).

So who's your favorite, Bunky? Let us know. And convince us to Vote for them.

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