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Re: Star Trek: Shaping a Cardassian - Calmness after the Storm

You can really see the beginnings of Damar's drinking habit here. At the beginning, it's "just" an off-duty thing. But it's very easy to see how he'll end up losing control of it, with so much bottled up inside.

It's a real wonder that whole encounter didn't just blow up...they're both real hotheads, that's for sure. It sure ended on a nice note, though, with both of them discovering that they had more in common than they'd ever thought.

And we also get an explanation here of how later on, Legate Damar would know what parts of Jarol's personnel file needed to be deleted! Interesting connection there!

(BTW, I noticed the replicator rationing here, how she stated her name to get her drink!)
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