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Re: Favorite Voyager Videos

Gosh lots of goodies to look at:

Nobody Knows - nice one, added it to my list

Le Vul d lung ange - I will have to learn French - its on my list to do one day.

Voyager song - I just loved it RFLOL

Touch My Heart - added to my favs

Desperado - oh that Chakotay is a real charmer

I love Belannas work so adored hero and passions.

Xenas Body double question - I dont speak to her mother much as Im in the Uk and their in NZ. As far as I know shes raising her family one of which (if I remember correctly) is very good at Irish Dancing.

I wish I was a Lesbian - Oh I so understand that RFLOL

What hurts the most - added to my fav list.

Heres some Iv found:



Have we done this one yet?


Mission Impossible
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