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Re: 1931 Frankenstein....

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P.S. The 1931 Spanish-language version, which was filmed simultaneously with the Lugosi version, is livelier and arguably better directed. And the actress who plays Lucy wears a much skimpier negliee!

Alas, the guy playing Dracula in the Spanish version is no Lugosi.
The edition of Frankenstein I have is the 75th anniversary edition with a few lengthy documentaries and it does elaborate on the Spanish version.

Slightly OT, but has anyone here ever seen The Black Cat with Karloff and Legosi?

Alas Frankenstein is like anything else in that everyone will have a different take on it. The Bram's Stoker's Dracula from several years ago wasn't that great, but visually it really did evoke the original book for me. I also recall a television production of Frankenstein in the early '70s that I recall as being decent although it bears little resemblance to anything else. I'm still not sure what to make of Robert De Niro's version.
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