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Re: 1931 Frankenstein....

I don't like the first "Frankenstein" movie much, but the sequel is a huge deal to me. It is my favourite 'older' movie, and opened my eyes to a whole new world of movies by making me realize more than any other oldie I've seen that films made before I was born could be just as relevant and moving as modern ones. It's beautifully shot and acted. I was shocked that a movie made so long ago could be so mesmerizing and make me tear up.

I was very disappointed with "Dracula". Every moment of Bela Lugosi's performance was captivating and he's completely worthy of his legendary status, but I think that movie is severely hobbled by the constraints of film making at the time. It has one of the most pathetically anti-climactic climaxes I've ever seen. Still worth watching for the incredible atmosphere, direction, and lead performance, but the ending was a huge letdown.
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