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Re: Star Trek: Restoration - Onyx

Gul Re'jal wrote: View Post
Yes, it was my first comment here on TBBS. I wanted to catch up with the story first, so my comment would be up to date and not regarding something five pages ago

So, Qwert (oh, how easy it is to type his name ) lives his own life separately from the author's intentions? Some of my characters do that too. It's funny how surprised one can be by their own story
Gul Rejal,

Well, again, welcome. Glad you caught up and that you're still enjoying this enough to comment. I have a chapter pretty much finished, so there should be some more coming tonight or tomorrow!

As to Qwert living separately... I guess so! He is definitely one of those characters who has gone in directions I didn't expect at the beginning. It is one of the greatest parts of writing, those little surprises.

Thanks again for commenting, hope you'll enjoy the rest.

Mistral wrote: View Post

Yeah, that kind of thing is both a surprise and a lot of fun. I had 2 throw-aways end up in, like, 7 different stories. Qwert just begs to be included, IOM. Great character-morally ambiguous, greedy and deadly, it seems...all while working for the "good" guys.

Qwert keeps on tugging on my earlobe, saying: "young hu-mon, it is about time we saw a bit more of me and my past, here are some snippets you can throw in."

I think I may end up having to write some shorts about him and his past, he has done some major things - in fact, in the chapter I just finished, he popped up and told me he had assassinated two Founders during the Resistance.

Anyway, he is a cool character, I'm glad you guys like him as much as I do.

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