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Re: Movies Seen in 2010

Doomsday: Neil Marshall didn't know how to end this middling mess. It started off great, and I liked how the main character finished up in her story, but the rest of it was long and boring and unecessary. There seemed to be so many stories that just petered off somewhere before the end. And poor token Black guy. At least he didn't die right off, though his death was very Boromir flavored.

Camille: I like James Franco, which prompted me to see this film. Man... I didn't make it to the end. He and Sienna Miller had ZERO chemistry. And while "Camille" was supposed to be that bubbly quirky blonde girl, that every one cared for and loved, I found her horribly, horribly annoying and that led to the early termination of this film.
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