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Re: Star Trek: Shaping a Cardassian - Among the Dragons

I hope, then, that he will be able to learn that his behavior was at fault and not some trait he was handed, when it comes to what he did to Ullman. It seems that a lot of people who fixate on such flaws are the kind of people who think everybody else is to blame but themselves, and can then become resentful.

The quality of Karama's character will be demonstrated in whether he can accept the consequences of his behavior and take responsibility for it, or whether he decides to resent Ullman for reporting what he did, and blames HER for losing his chances at a promotion. Taking responsibility, of course, is what I hope for, and will be the mark of a man capable of growing eventually into greater responsibility, after some time to reflect on what he did.

About the replicators--I think only the higher ranking officers have them in their quarters. Everyone else has to use communal replicators.
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