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Re: Star Trek Unalienated

Gene Roddenberry’s Star Trek (like the early series Twilight Zone) used TV to “explore brave new worlds” politically — about war, colonialism, racism, hierarchies etc
And yet Gene's work was probably the most sexiest in TREK with the short skirt, reduced ruels to sleeping with the leading male members and not much else. Guy on You Tube had a go at me saying ST09 was not faithful to Gene and other people uase the same excuses for other points they hate about the franchise...

TBH Gene maybe the father of TREK but I feel Star Trek became better when he had little or no involvement and I know saying that might piss people off. TMP was ok and very TREK like but lets face it the later original movies with less to little Gene involvement were better (TFF withstanding). TNG got better after the first 2 seasons and DS9 probably gave us the best drama and conflict in the crew, no matter your feeling on the show itself.

ST09 was a re-boot a modern telling of an old story, like Casino Royale and Batman Begins did for their franchises. Some people are just too stuck in the past, ST09 does not insult what came before it actually praises it, it celebrates it.
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