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Re: Star Trek Unalienated

This film is drained of Star Trek’s once defining social concern and progressive insights (with one exception).
We'll never get anything substantial in this regards until Star Trek returns to the longer form of TV. Summer popcorn movies are fun, but they are not the right place to try to deliver any semi-intelligent messages. There isn't enough time inbetween the mandatory explosions, and what little time there is has to be devoted to character stuff (we do want that, too, right?)

At times the series posited a future civilization beyond money, racism, intolerance, nation-states, war-like intentions, and (thanks to the prime directive) genuinely determined not to destroy civilizations it encountered. And that, of course, is largely what attracted a truly fanatic following — especially among the alienated and quirky.
Well maybe somewhat, years ago. But the audience for the movies doesn't give a flip about that stuff. Hopefully the people making it do - that's a big part of what gives Star Trek its identity. But it won't matter until Star Trek is back on TV, where something can be done about it.

Roddenberry was too inconsistent with Star Trek most of the time, and this shows up in the difference in economies between Star Trek: TOS and Star Trek: TNG (in TOS, it was established that inventions are covered by a patent royalty system, that you need money to buy things, that Captain Kirk and most of the officers are paid a salary, and so on.) In TNG, this is all gone, replaced by replicators
Capitalism still exists in the 23rd C. It's killed off by the 24th, because of replicators, which provide everything you want without having to work for it. Replicator energy isn't paid for any more than the transporter or FTL energy is paid for; those technologies would use such phenomenal levels of energy that the only explanation could be some source of infinite amounts of cost-free energy. That's all fanon, but it makes sense and is good enough for me.
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