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Re: Star Trek: Shaping a Cardassian

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BTW, what do you think your Cardassians are, biologically speaking?

This is what I tend to think they are...
They identify themselves with reptiles, but they are an evolved form, so something quite close to therapsids, I would think. Evolution on Cardassia Prime took a little different course than on Earth, so I don't try to find an exact equivalent here on Earth for them. They are more than lizards, but their evolution doesn't exactly head toward mammalian lifeforms (although they share a lot of similar or the same features).
I tend to think that we could have become much more like Cardassians ourselves, if not for the P-T extinction. That's what killed off Earth's therapsids (except for their mammalian descendants)...

I have to think there are key traits in common with mammals, though, if we assume they give live birth. While you can never be SURE of it in the Trekiverse, I don't mean to be offensive but I have always assumed that Cardassian women don't just have breasts for show. They may not "sexualize" them the way humans do, but I think they are used for the natural purpose--a purpose that generally implies live birth.
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