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Re: Star Trek: Shaping a Cardassian

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The Prefect was nice, but still had his secrets. Do you think he told Jarol everything? I'm not so sure, it's still too beautiful to be true
That's why I'm thinking the standard of evidence would have to be very, VERY high if Ghemor and the rest of the galaxy were ever going to believe it.

No, not really. She'll just wonder how they can function forgetting everything all the time
Sometime, I may put into a story what my own Glinn Daro concludes about it...

Thanks for (still) reading
You're welcome!

I'm going to post the first chapter of the other story soon - the Feds' arrival from Amrita Kapoor's point of view. It's ready, but I still don't have a title
I look forward to it!

BTW, what do you think your Cardassians are, biologically speaking?

This is what I tend to think they are...
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