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Re: Star Trek: Shaping a Cardassian

Jarol certainly doesn't want to ruin Karama's career, especially since he made a mistake, but it wasn't anything really serious with grave consequences. It made her angry, yes, but she was more disappointed.

The Skarrats, Ghemor and the Federation... She is going to do something about this situation and I think no one expects her to do that.

The Prefect was nice, but still had his secrets. Do you think he told Jarol everything? I'm not so sure, it's still too beautiful to be true more note about the humans. I wonder if now that she knows their memories don't work the way Cardassian ones do, she'll start thinking they're inferior? We don't want her to learn the wrong lessons here.
No, not really. She'll just wonder how they can function forgetting everything all the time
Her opinion of humans improves. Her experiences with Captain Andric and Dr. Kirkland were positive enough not to think low or badly about them. She has no love for the Federation, but she can see people as people, not a notion of an interstellar power.

Thanks for (still) reading

I'm going to post the first chapter of the other story soon - the Feds' arrival from Amrita Kapoor's point of view. It's ready, but I still don't have a title
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