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Re: Iron Man 2: Grading, Review, Discussion **SPOILERS**

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Iron Man 2 is still escapist fun. I contend that its a film that the more you watch it the better it gets. It's 'flaws' aren't that bad as many would contest. Even years later people here have said Spidey 3 or Temple of Doom isn't "as bad as they originally percieved it". I'm already in the 'its not a bad film camp' so yeah me.
I've seen the film twice and I have no desire to see it again. It's not a bad film by any means but it's a big disappointment and letdown especially after the first film which was so good. I would say the film is mediocre, on par with Daredevil or Ghost Rider but maybe a little better because it has the presence of Robert Downey Jr., which is the film's saving grace but not even him can inject the film with enough cleverness to make it that good. It's very dumb escapist fun, but it wasn't the clever type of entertaining escapist fun that the first movie was. Also, I still hate Spider-Man 3 and I never liked Temple of Doom, even though I'd rather sit through that movie than Kingdom of the Crystal Skull again.
I just had to quote this because it encompasses everything I would have said to a T, yet was done so in a style more eloquent than I could have ever hoped to aspire to.

Well said, JacksonArcher. Well said.
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