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Re: Heroic Age/Avengers Ongoing Discussion Thread (Spoilers)

"Avengers" is my favorite. Big crazy action, JRJR art, a million heroes and baddies. And with #5 it's finally becoming a coherent story instead of endless weird shit.

Actually "New Avengers" is doing the exact same thing. All tons of crazy unexplained chaos for several issues before any kind of explanation is offered. I do enjoy it though, and the art is good.

Of the Heroic Age books I'd rank them...
Avengers > New Avengers > Thunderbolts ........ > Secret Avengers > Avengers Academy

I dunno if Secret Warriors counts towards this but I really stopped caring about this book. When it started I thought it was amazing, but this recent story about old men getting killed by no-name Hydras is just boring me to tears, and it's being told in a very confusing fashion. I miss the super powered kids.
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