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Dusty Ayres
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Yet another review of Star Trek 2009 from a socialist point of view, and one that condemns it for not being like The Next Generation:

I saw the new Star Trek on a date last night. My companion was a committed communist Trekkie deep into sci-fi future speculation.

Here are my thoughts:

1) Roddenberry is really dead.

Unfortunately, the rumors are true. This film is drained of Star Trek’s once defining social concern and progressive insights (with one exception). It is an example of ways that even the best of the 60s is now ancient history.

Gene Roddenberry’s Star Trek (like the early series Twilight Zone) used TV to “explore brave new worlds” politically — about war, colonialism, racism, hierarchies etc.

At times the series posited a future civilization beyond money, racism, intolerance, nation-states, war-like intentions, and (thanks to the prime directive) genuinely determined not to destroy civilizations it encountered. And that, of course, is largely what attracted a truly fanatic following — especially among the alienated and quirky.
Star Trek Unalienated

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