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Re: Just Another Bridge Design

Thanks to your feedback, I've made a few changes, and I've put together a pretty graphic for the newest draft, along with giving it a name (probably temporary, but it's better than saying "that bridge thing").

"Aurora" Command Module - Draft 4

More Trek Bridges (For Scale)

Among the changes:
  • I separated the table from the upper railing and moved it to the center of the room. The holographic imager is now in the center of the table, and simply projects the image above it. This was a frustrating decision, because I liked having it adjacent to the Tactical console, and just because it seems like a very obvious way to go. But I couldn't get comfortable with the wasted floor space on the other side of the captain's chair.
  • I also made the table a bit smaller, and decreased the number of extra chairs; before I did that, it looked like there was a whole conference table sitting in the middle of the bridge, and that's not what I wanted to do; this is more like the table in DS9's Ops. That said, there's still theoretically room for about five more chairs.
  • Speaking of downsizing, I shrunk the entire room a little bit, relative to the Intrepid bridge (which I'm using as my size reference). It now has almost exactly the same area as the Intrepid and Constitution Refit bridges, and is significantly smaller than the Galaxy and Sovereign bridges, which is a lot closer to what I originally had in mind.
  • Someone mentioned that the ready room was a little large and luxurious, even compared to Picard's. I agreed, and was also bothered by the face that it spilled way out to the side, so I've condensed everything into the area behind the desk.
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