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Re: DS9 Forum Welcome Thread: Hello fellow Niners!

I'll just put the same here as I did on the VOY topic :

Hi, new here, and been posting here and there since yesterday!

My name is actually really Ramona, and I'm 27, I study English and Music(singing) and I'm Dutch and live in Amsterdam!

I grew up with some episodes of TNG(my older brother likes it, and star wars....) and later on my sister suddenly started to buy these VOY tapes. Me and my little brother could watch the tapes after she already watched them on her own (you know how big sisters are...) and we got hooked. After seeing most of VOY I bought all the TOS, TNG, VOY and DS9 on VHS and the party started! Love Star Trek, am not good at little facts, and sure not in naming episodes...
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