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Atlantis was genial but there wasn't much going on outside of that. I suppose comfort food is good sometimes though.
yeah.. it's like a good comfort dish.. only they should try to add some spices and bring it back.

then there's the comfort, and something new, that makes you want to enjoy it some more..

5 more seasons with a movie ending would do that series well..
plus, the genial moments, and the tech itself, is what I want the most.. the stories were good, and going someplace..

they just need to do so once again..

there is potential much so, like why not have shepard's team brought before the ascended ancients? or better yet, one of the crew becomes ascended... and stays so, maybe zalenka? what if they recreate the gate bridge?? or how about those alien clone warriors who were in that alternate reality? they would be a good menace, invaders from an alternate dimension!

a battle royal against the wraith, or the ancients come back to wipe the wraith out of the pegasus galaxy, and all of them are now without the need to feed do to the final retro virus, or something like that, and the lost tribe asgard are needed to help defeat them, either way, there is potential there for future seasons and stories, it just takes some writer with enough imagination to take that series back and bring it to a new life..

comfort food is good, especially for times where you feel like there is nothing else to eat.. and right now, the cupboard is pretty bare..

Warehouse 13 (donut), eureka (donut), Doctor who (eclair), and maybe, maybe fringe (donut holes).. but other then that..

SGU just doesn't do it for me..and those other series, except doctor who, don't have the epic space star trek or star wars filler I's like I get the donut, but not the cream filling..I need an American Sci-fi with the Good ole' soul food feel, and SGU has Pits in the center..not the sugary fluff that I crave right now..

bullethead hit the nail on the head.. SGU would have worked int he first part of the decade, like BSG did..but now tastes have changed.. and I agree..

SGA was the light at the end of the work day shift.. but now it's too dark to enjoy my evening..friends is off the air..nothing else really interests me..

so I am kinda stuck now..and I refuse to watch More of SGU then what I have just seems, so depressing..

please say it gets better..serious I can handle, but episode by episode it gets tiresome..
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