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anyhow, I know its an ancient ship, but still, something makes me wish Dr. McKay and Shepard were there..
Heh, you and me both. McKay should have been able to get everyone back home by the end of the pilot episode. But if for some reason he didn't, than Sheppard would have had the balls to carry though and vent the gate room of its atmosphere when the Lucian Alliance boarded.

But anyhoo, Atlantis was an amazing show in its first two seasons. They did some really great stuff back then and at time (especially in the first) it reminded me of Star Trek's good old days. Yes, I did intend to say Star Trek, watching Atlantis episode from the first half of the first season reminded me of way back one upon a time when I first began watching TNG.

Unfortunately, by the time they got to the third season they were starting to run out of ideas. And the ideas they had they weren't doing anything with. The Michael storyline was a mess which had the potential to be somewhat decent, never really seemed to amount to anything. And the less said about the Replicators the better.

The fourth season suffered from unnecessary changes, most notably among the cast, and by now they were resorting to tired old sci-fi cliches for episodes or recycling SG-1 episodes with the characters acknowledging they were recycling SG-1 episodes, like in Doppleganger compared to SG-1's Cold Lazarus.

Atlantis began puling itself together in its fifth season but unfortunately by then it was too little too late.

they could do some wild stuff, like make the atlantis city just a small part, and find add-ons that were previously lost, or explore new things from the secret janus lab, there is so much potential there, and not to mention the lost asgard storylines..
The potential to do this has always existed in Atlantis, it was just squandered in favour of doing other things like bring the Replicators back from their 15th extinction.
I agree, that whole replicators stuff was a bit of a drag, and everytime they went there, I kept thinking, why the heck didn't they beam guys over and steal those ships in orbit before the planet blew?? that would have been cool to see shepard get his own ship.. but then again, the show is called stargate, which kinda makes the whole spaceship thing a bit out of line with the ultimate premise of the show..

still.I agree, season 1-2 were amazing, and 3-4 stumbled quite a bit, but I did like the intro of Todd, he was a cool villain to see popping back up off and on..

5 did take it back and bring home a new feeling, but as you say it was too late..although I did get a good feel for woolsey..I did start to like him..his reaction to the replicators trying to sink Atlantis, was what did it for me..

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However, SGU is an utter failure creatively and it came out too late to cash in on the "dark" show trend of the first part of the decade. It's the wrong show at the wrong time; people want something lighter to allow them to escape the problems we're having right now with the economy and everything else, not make them more depressed.
that pretty much sums up the whole feel to what the SGU series is.. I think if they want to really cashin.. they should continue the SGU series, and Bring back SGA.. and then merge SGU and SGA with cross overs here and there.. then people get both, and enjoy it.. What is enjoyable about SGA is that unlike the Star Trek DS9 Series, the SGA series had style and excitement.. the city may have been stationary, but it can move, and explore more of the pegasus galaxy..

writers on the Series should have bowed out and gave some others a chance, indeed.. they could have come up with some crazy things, now especially since a coalition was being formed.. that could have yeilded a new star wars like story line for the galaxy..with other higher technological races joining in.. maybe some people who were blue and so on..maybe the race that created the arm teleportation device.. or those mutants from the deadalus variations started showing up, that would have been cool..

there was just so much there, comedic timing, and humour, with that bit of science fiction wonder that made you want to see the good guys get the cool tech, and add it to their arsenal..

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In all honesty, SGU appears to be a ripoff of Atlantis in several ways and given the lack of Atlantis references in SGU,
While they certainly haven't gone out of their way to referance Atlantis as much as they have SG-1, I wouldn't say there's a lack of Atlantis referances. Indeed, in the pilot they even said they got the nine-chevron address to Destiny from the Atlantis database, and there was specualtion at one point in the early episodes that Destiny's systems were DNA-encoded like Atlantis's. Also, there have been a few throw-away referances to the Pegasus galaxy.

that's pretty cool, but I still think that SGA is the place for the series to really get back on top as the best scifi on tv, they just need to go and spend a few years writing the new stories, and iron out an entire season ahead of schedule, so they can get it right, and let SGU run it's course, or atleast brighten it up..wrong show, wrong time is soo accurate..

I definitely want a show that is more fun and less depressing then my news, and economic future is on a day to day basis..the constant dark, and serious, sometimes depressing nature of the SGU crew's plight and dark tones make me apprehensive, and not really interested in it..

STNG worked because on top of all that action and dire circumstances, it had humour and good interaction between the crew, and actors complimented each other well, the last cast of SGA had a good chemistry that was just coming together..

I hope someone out there in TV land sees this thread, or a ground swell of SGA support takes hold, and those behind the times, and trends of the TV audience wake up and realize, that as of right now..

SGA is perfectly suited to help us escape the mundane, and enjoy a bit of scifi, with some style, laughs, and good friends..

it's like cheers, only better..and with a cool city..

(a part of me stil thinks a story should have been written where Shepard gets weir from space in a jumper and helps her to create her own human body... and then destroy the replicator one) there is just so much there that was left untouched..

I still wanted to see shepard bag the scavenger chick. that would have been cool, after all he pines away over her, would be nice to see him happy.. kinda like kirk getting with Dr. Marcus..
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