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Re: The Photoshop Thread, Part IV

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It was me:

Funny thing is, when I saw it on a different computer I noticed the skin tone was a bit miss-matched on the face-swap but looks fine on my crappy old monitor. I really need a new monitor....

Actually, I think the skin tone is pretty close. You have to remember that in real life, the facial skin tone doesn't always match the body perfectly. In yours, what episode did you snag Kirk's head? It was your edited image that inspired me to try a little variation in Kirk's expression. I got Kirk's head from "Elaan of Troyius". The skin tone on mine needs a bit more work, but I was tired...

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Gotta love Shatner with a Jewfro. And I never noticed it in “The Way to Eden,” but in the original pic, is that half a hard-boiled egg he's wearing as jewelry?
Yeah, looks like that to me too... but it's some kind of costume jewelry. There's a curvy wire design over the "yolk". Who knows, maybe the whole idea of Eden being the seed of new life led them to use an egg pendant for symbolism.

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