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SG-A Remorse

Okay, so I am new to this side of the trekbbs Forums..

I have to say, I am impressed with the witty commentary by other fans. I am sorta new to the whole stargate experience..

But I found that the first Stargate series I really liked is Atlantis. I have pretty much watched the entire series on ROKU (netflix) and I am saddened by the fact that there are only 5 seasons..

In a way, I understand, it wasn't making any money, and so they wanted a show that is similar to the success of Battle star galactica..

But I am remorse at the loss of the SGA show. It was comfortable... Not too edgy, but It was like cheers..the show.

where everybody knows your name..I was just beginning to respect Robert Picardo's character, and I was even okay with Atlantis being landed on Earth..

there were a lot of loose ends that needed to be tied up in the Pegasus galaxy..

but then along comes SG-U, now, don't get me wrong, but, I just watched the first few minutes of the show, and so far, I am unimpressed..

the ship is cool and all, but it's a spaceship, how many spaceships am I going to see in scifi??

anyhow, I know its an ancient ship, but still, something makes me wish Dr. McKay and Shepard were there..

I miss Atlantis, and I know a supposed movie is coming and all, but can't there be an SGA revival like which brought back SG-1??

I just wish the producers could get another 5 seasons and realy hit home with some awesome scifi drama, and make atlantis an exceptional finale..a movie as the end of the series?? come on...

they could do some wild stuff, like make the atlantis city just a small part, and find add-ons that were previously lost, or explore new things from the secret janus lab, there is so much potential there, and not to mention the lost asgard storylines..

I am just having trouble switching to a new crew, and show of SGU, after watching SGA and becoming attached to the core crew of that series..

I know, some people will say, well SGU is a better show, maybe..

maybe they are right...

But I haven't given it a chance yet.. I am still in mourning over the loss of's going to take me awhile..
I wasn't interested in BSG, it just seemed too drama and not enough SCI in the fi..Atlantis had quirky style and fun..I just can't get in line with the SGU crowd..

Am I alone?? I don't know..but for right now atleast, I am not interested in continuing past the gaming freak, and General O'neal's front door meet and greet.. in the first few minutes of SGU...

I just can't get interested.. i am going to go rewatch SGA..

my fanboy wish is to see Col. Shepard commanding an Ancient ship..(which was briefly seen in earlier SGA episodes..but they always lost their ships!! that was always frustrating to me..)

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