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Re: Favourite Bond films....

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Hmmmm. Live and Let Die cashed in on blaxploitation movies. TMWTGG cashed in on the popularity of Bruce Lee and kung fu. TSWLM came after Jaws and featured a shark and a villain named, er, Jaws. And Moonraker was rushed into production to cash in on Star Wars (IIRC, the end of TSWLM says that Bond will return in For Your Eyes Only).

Hardly fair to blame LTK for following trends!
Not to mention the fact that at the end of TMWTGG Bond suddenly swaps his PPK for a fuck off .44 magnum revolver ala Dirty Harry!

Bond basically only set the trend in the 60s, from then on it's always adapated itself to the times.
Bond has certainly always worn the influences of its era as well as prefiguring them (YOLT predates the kung fu craze, for example), but it's never been so much just another one of a set of movies before, as LTK is just another rogue-cop-goes-after-drug-dealer flick.
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