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Re: Worf is VEGAN!

I ate two big plates full of lettuce-y salad earlier in the week, and then I vomited. I didn't like that experience, and it will be a while before I eat large helpings of salad again. I think greens are good for people, but I also learned from that that it may be possible to eat them in excess.

I went through a phase, actually, when I tried to be vegan some time ago, and it didn't really work out. Even if I pulled it off personally, there's no way I would limit where I could dine out or impose the limitations on guests or company. I am of the opinion that it makes sense to eat animal products conservatively though; so instead of having Steak and potatoes and some vegetables as a side, I'd personally make it Spaghetti and potatoes or something like that with a side of something with meat.

Well anyway, good luck to Warf/Dorn. I'm sure the character of Mr. Warf would be a little bit grumbly at the prospect of veganism though.
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- The Call of the Wild, by Jack London
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