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Re: Favourite Bond films....

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On Her Majesty's Secret Service — 10/10 - believable, great fights, wonderful atmosphere, good cast... If Connery was in it would be the best ever.
I question that assessment; Connery was a little less than enthusiastic in YOLT, and was only there for the money for DAF, so I find it hard to believe that he would have turned it around for OHMSS. Just my 2˘ on the subject, anyway.

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Not to mention the fact that at the end of TMWTGG Bond suddenly swaps his PPK for a fuck off .44 magnum revolver ala Dirty Harry!
That was Live and Let Die. He most definitely had his PPK for his duel with Scaramanga at the end of TMWTGG.
Oh God I can't believe I did that
Yeah, at least a .44 Magnum is badass. Way more badass than fighting a midget with a wooden chair.
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