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Re: Star Trek: Tesseract -- Part II

My, my, my. That was one shock after another. First Lakwa with her surprising offer of assistance to Adele. Her diplomatic overtures and tones are impressive from an ex-drone. The fact she is willing to mutiny against or betray Malik is to a degree shocking though similarly understandable. Of course, this can't have a pretty outcome for Malik and Lakwa nevermind the Starfleet officers. Dissension among the rebel Borg is actually worrying - atop of the shock that they harness and give away as a bargaining chip the power of Omega. Now THAT has to be asking for trouble!

The news that Omega is powering their ships and weapons explains a great deal but certainly ups the stakes big time for all concerned. Starfleet's hands are kinda tied on that one considering the Omega protocol but will Adele turn down the chance to be able to weild it as a weapon against the Borg? For that matter, will the Admiral? Even Maren is enthralled for a moment by the harnessing of Omega.

And then of course, there is Maren taking a bold tactical move. How comes I feel this 'bluff' could turn out so badly? Past form perhaps. But I like that she is taking some sort of active response to what has happened. She has been pushed and strained over the last while and yet we see her find the leverage to use against Malik. Albeit the back of Icheb's head. you've created a tense situation with a lot of shifting ground under our feet as the hostage situation turns up Omega, Malik making an offer, Icheb seeing some reason to his arguments , lakwa offering to help Adele and willing to mutiny against Malik, and Maren taking icheb's life into her hands in a pretty big gamble.
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