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Re: Favourite Bond films....

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I suspect that nostalgia sometimes colors these choices. DIAMONDS ARE FOREVER was possibly the first Bond movie I ever saw, so I remember it fondly--even though I know, intellectually, that it's far from the best.
Me too. I have a soft spot for it, Connery's paunch and obvious toupee bedamned.

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Kirkman1987 wrote: View Post
I like Octopussy alright, but It just doesn't reach top 3 potential for most folks.

I agree it's better than those.

ugh, A View to a Kill IS the worst Bond movie IMO.
It's not in my top three either, it would probably be my number six or seven pick.

But a lot of people are saying how Moore should have stopped after For Your Eyes Only. I just don't see why.
Because he was far too old. He was older than Connery, who had quit because he was too old, then joked about 'making way for an older man.' Moore was born in 1927 and was thus 54 when FYEO came out and 58 by the time of VTAK. Looking every inch of it too. He just looked too old to be credibly carrying out those stunts. Connery had first played the role aged 32 and Bond really should be played by someone reasonably vigorous and sprightly, if not youthful.

As has been said, Connery's Bond of Never Say Never Again (released at much the same time as Octopussy) was supposed to be an older spy brought out of retirement. But Moore just looked old and silly. No wonder they had to bring Patrick Macnee as his sidekick in VTAK - it was the only way to make Rog look relatively youthful by comparison.
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