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NCC1701 Game - MAJOR UPDATE 1.03 Available now!

Hello everyone,

We are pleased to announce our third patch for the Star Trek: NCC1701 game demo. This is a major update with many bug fixes and enhancements:

- several bug fixes related to scoring, targets, etc
- additional keyboard / mouse control options ("freelook" mode available)
- improved help screens and "How To Play" info
- Colour 3D renderings of decks on the turbolift maps
- Bigger, better explosions for flying vehicles and weapons
- Klingon Battle Cruisers now fire homing torpedoes (!)
- Updated ship's hull with more windows
- "Female Officer" class added to character selection choices

- Improved AI logic (upgraded to AI Kit v. 1.5)

To get this update, log into our members' area, and go to the Downloads page, where you will see this patch listed at the bottom of the list. It is about a 9 megabyte download.

Also, we are looking for more feedback about your experiences with the game. Does it run well on your machine? Are you able to control the shuttle and your player OK? Are you lost in terms of knowing what to do, or are you getting along OK? Please send feedback to us using the contact forms on our website, or by posting in our thread at TREK BBS (see link on the main FREE PLAYABLE DEMO page).

Many thanks for your interest - we have had over 750 downloads from 51 countries in all, in our first month of release. We are very pleased with the response and look forward to continued development.

Live long and prosper,
Paul Weston
Gambit Realm development team

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