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Re: Favourite Bond films....

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On Her Majesty's Secret Service
Casino Royale
I like the way you think.

Rating the films overall:

Dr. No***1/2 (Good, solid film, but they haven't quite nailed the Bond formula yet. Too bad Jack Lord didn't stay on as Felix Leiter.)
From Russia With Love****1/2 (The best pure espionage Bond film. Almost Hitchcockian in places.)
Goldfinger***** (Connery at his peak starring in the quintessential Bond film. Almost more fun than should be legal.)
Thunderball**** (It's no Goldfinger, but it ain't too shabby. The underwater scenes inevitably slow the film down.)
You Only Live Twice*** (The first Bond film that almost completely throws out the book, and it's the poorer for it. Still, that hollowed-out volcano sure is cool, huh?)
On Her Majesty's Secret Service***** (A terrific film from beginning to end. Lazenby is the most underrated Bond.)
Diamonds Are Forever** (Brings in the self-parody of the Roger Moore films. Tough for me to get through.)
Live And Let Die* (Moore is decent in the role, but Bond & Blacksploitation just don't mix.)
The Man With The Golden Gun (I'm honestly not sure if I've ever watched this one all the way through).
The Spy Who Loved Me**** (Moore's best film & a solid, fun Bond outing in the classic style.)
Moonraker** (Despite some good dialogue here & there, another one I find too campy & painful to get through. Bringing back Jaws was a HUGE mistake.)
For Your Eyes Only (Another one I don't think I've seen all of. Moore's films are not as much to my taste as the others.)
Never Say Never Again*** (Connery returning to Bond SHOULD be a classic. But they didn't have the resources to make it the great film it should have been.)
Octopussy (Haven't seen it.)
A View To A Kill (Moore proves he should've left the franchise at least one film sooner.)
The Living Daylights***1/2 (Dalton gives the series a desperately-needed makeover & makes an impressive debut.)
License To Kill **1/2 (Takes the provacative idea of Bond going rogue & then degenerates into a bad Miami Vice episode. Ah, what this could've been with a few rewrites...)
Goldeneye ***1/2 (Bond gets another shot in the arm, this time from Brosnan. Solid debut, but doesn't hold up to repeat viewings as well as it should.)
Tomorrow Never Dies *** (A good but unremarkable entry.)
The World is Not Enough (Somehow missed this one in theaters. Only seen bits & pieces from it when I was working on a Bond video game at my old job. I need to check it out.)
Die Another Day ** (Terrific start to a different sort of Bond story with Bond getting captured & coming back from it, dissolves into silliness by the end.)
Casino Royale***** (Daniel Craig proves to be the best Bond since Connery. Terrific story, great action and actual character development.)
Quantum Of Solace***1/2 (Despite a few great scenes here & there, a big comedown after the previous film. The plot & the action scenes are WAY too confusing.)
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