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Re: TOS Enterprise WIP

@CRA - That's cool. My arrangement is one of many possible ones out there and mine isn't meant to be "the one"

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Why add to those problems by running the main power lines right up against the hull?
I don't think it adds any more to the problem since they are being lead off of the already exposed warp pylons and must come into the engineering hull to get to the dilithium crystals. Regardless of where the circuit / power line is, any direct hit to the area where the two warp pylons connect on the engineering hull would be crippling.

Thinking about TOS and the TOS movies, there aren't really many circumstances that a starship will survive un-shielded against full power weapons at close range.

It took only 4 phaser beams (2 volleys) from within transporter range to destroy an unshielded (but hurt) Klingon Battlecruiser in "Day of the Dove".

Full power phasers from the Enterprise at moderate to long ranges killed all the crew of the Excalibur in "The Ultimate Computer". If M-5 took the time to get closer to the Excalibur it's a good chance there wouldn't be anything left of the ship to salvage. (Note: this is not based on the Remastered FX version which employs the usual TNG point-blank visual distance mentality.)

"The Wrath of Khan" showed what would happen if a ship's energisers were precisely targeted with low powered phasers. The outcome would've been far different and catastrophic for the Enterprise if Khan instead went after the antimatter fuel or if he instead fired at full power (think USS Grissom and "The Search for Spock".)

Speaking of which, General Chang's BOP in "The Undiscovered Country" had terrible targeting. He got like 14 hits on the Enterprise, with one when burning through what was left of the shields and he's targeting the saucer? He should have targeted the bottom and/or the spine of the engineering hull
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