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Re: Favourite Bond films....

^I agre with you about FYEO and TSWLM and also about View and Moonraker. Totally disagree about Octopussy (I hate it) and LALD (pretty good debut).

Moore is my least favourite Bond but I don't deny that his tenure had entertaining moments and you have to acknowledge that he had the longest run. I think if he'd quit after FYEO, he'd probably be a bit more fondly remembered. For my money, that would have left him with LALD (7/10), TMWTGG (5/10), TSWLM (8.5/10), Moonraker (3/10) and FYEO (8/10). He was too old for FYEO but it would have been a good swansong.

But Octopussy (4/10) and VTAK (3/10) totally titled the balance in favour of duds, IMHO. He should have known to always leave them wanting more. Or Moore.
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