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Re: Favourite Bond films....

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I'm curious about the inclusion of Never Say Never Again as one of the options. My understanding was that it is generally not considered to be part of the franchise proper since it was not an Eon Productions film and was essentially a Thunderball remake due to Kevin McClory's lawsuit.
True, but I threw it in anyway. And it's not as off-the-wall as the '67 Casino Royale spoof...then again I'm suspect someone out there must like it.

I actually prefer NEVER SAY NEVER AGAIN to THUNDERBALL. The villains are much more colorful, and the underwater scenes don't drag as much.

"I do hope we're going to have a little gratuitous sex and violence . . . ."

And it was certainly better than OCTOPUSSY, which came out the same year. Who cares if it was produced by someone else?
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