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Re: Favourite Bond films....

My top three....

From Russia With Love
For Your Eyes Only
The Living Daylights

Casino Royale would be my number 4 pick.

I love them all because they all so realistic and down to earth. Bond doesn't have to save the world or avert nuclear war. He only has to help someone defect, stop the Russians from finding a decoding device, stop a corrupt Russian and western arms dealer, and keep terrorists from receiving funds.

Dr. No ****
From Russia With Love *****
Goldfinger ****
Thunderball ****

You Only Live Twice **
On Her Majesty's Secret Service ***
Diamonds Are Forever *

Live And Let Die *
The Man With The Golden Gun **
The Spy Who Loved Me ***
Moonraker **
For Your Eyes Only *****
Never Say Never Again -
Never saw it.
Octpussy ****

A View to a Kill *
The Living Daylights *****
License to Kill ***

Goldeneye ***
Tomorrow Never Dies **
The World is not Enough *
Die Another Day
(and that's being generous)
Casino Royale *****
Quantum Of Solace ****
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