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Re: Favourite Bond films....

Kelso wrote: View Post
Only three?!?
Well I wanted to keep it manageable. I'm only asking you to choose three for the poll, but there's no reason you can't list all the ones you like in a post.

And for the sake of completion the ones I like (in no particular order):
Dr. No****
From Russia With Love*****
You Only Live Twice**
On Her Majesty's Secret Service***
Diamonds Are Forever**
Live And Let Die**
The Man With The Golden Gun**
The Spy Who Loved Me****
For Your Eyes Only**
Never Say Never Again**
The Living Daylights***
Casino Royale*****
Quantum Of Solace**

Note: I should really get around to rereading the books again.

Gaith wrote: View Post
I much prefer the songs.
I've got a playlist on my iPod of all the Bond themes excluding the 1967 spoof...but then of course I could always add The Look Of Love. I have yet to add the QoS theme.
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