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Re: EJO Planning BSG continuation graphic novel

I appreciate EJO's passion for the universe, but ironically his down-to-earth attitude might discourage story ideas that the hardcore fans would like to see. For instance, we can probably forget about seeing what happened to the Centurions as EJO is only interested in human drama - not alien space stuff.

Even an "Atlantis" plot might be too mythological and far out.

One of the most interesting proposals for a follow up to BSG's story I ever read had it that some of the colonials did screw the natureboy crap and build an "Atlantis" city that endured for tens of thousands of years and became a mighty civilization, though a localized one as they did at least try to incorporate some of the lessons learned. Eventually, they became concerned about the vanished Centurions and worried that a machine civilization spread through the galaxy might not have turned out noble. So they choose to leave Earth so as not to make it a target for evolved Centurions who might see technological humans as a threat, and explore the galaxy - but keep tabs on Earth to ensure that nobody comes along to nuke it.
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