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Re: SW AU - A Glimmer of Hope

Well, back from the holidays, so should have some more chapter up for you in the next few days. Just wanted to say an overall thanks to all of you who responded, good to know I still have an audience!

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I plan to stick through and see this completed no matter how long it takes, I've said it before and will say it again, it's among the best fan fiction pieces that I've read. Take your time and you will have at least one dedicated reader along for the ride! I can't wait to see how this concludes.
Wow, Admiral, that really means a lot! I'm so lucky to have anybody reading what I'm writing, but to have such praise and loyalty is a real blessing. I hope I won't let you down as the story continues to progress and conclude.


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The way things are going im sure it will be worth the wait!!! Two weeks isnt that long of a wait, but i hope it goes quickly! Again i have to say this is a fantastic story, i have been addicted to it since i first read it, i would love to see what you would do with a AU Star Trek story!!!
Thank you too issreliant, I'm really so lucky to have all you guys following along. I'm glad this has been addictive for you!

As to the AU Star Trek - here is the link to my Star Trek Restoration story:
This is both AU and future, based around the idea of the Federation losing the Dominion War. Check it out, you may enjoy it.

Thanks to you both! More coming soon!

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