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Re: Star Trek: Restoration - Onyx

Hi all!

Well, back from my holiday, so time to get back into the swing of things. Thanks for all your comments while I was gone, now to respond...


Qwert is very much fun to write, one of those unexpected characters who started out as an off-the-cuff inclusion, but who surprised me into including him in the overall storyline. I wanted to use him to play around with expectations - he tries to pass himself off as a frail old man, but as we have seen here, he can also kick ass. It means a lot to know that the little tid bits I have included are adding up to a greater whole.

IE kaleidoscope example - that is definitely what I am going for here at the end of volume 3 - by the end I want all of these familiar characters to be in some very unfamiliar situations, with strange and unexpected alliances popping up all over the place.

I would love to say that the survival of the fleeters is all down to the Laurentii inexperience and not to a little bit of deus ex machina on my part, but that would be lying. There is most definitely an edge of my not wanting to kill off some of my major characters, but I do have some surprises planned in the next few chapters. That said, as you mentioned, the Laurentii are not that experienced in this kind of situation, so that does have an effect on the survival of our heroes so far.

Benjamani and the Admiral butting heads? Ooooh! I may just have to have a word with kes about writing something like that...

And to answer your question (and that of a few others), yes Garibaldi is an homage to that other Security officer.

Thanks for the comment!


As I said to tau, you are spot on with the Garibaldi comment, so well done on that!

ie the coup - that may have as much to do with my own shortcomings as the Laurentii's. However, they do lack that certain edge that would have made this a success. Also, the leader of our Laurentii rebellion was not expecting Lkim and his allies to turn against them, so there is that as well. We will get a bit more insight into exactly how this turned out so badly for Lkynim and his allies at the beginning of volume 4 which I am already plotting out.

Gul Re'jal

First off, nice to see you here, don't think I've had any comments from you on the bbs so far. So thanks!

I'm glad the Laurentii and their technology are as creepy as I had planned it. I really set out to create a strange alien race for our heroes to deal with, and from various comments that has worked, so I'm pleased!

You can expect more answers ie Sarine and the Laurentii plans, but not until the next volume. For now, we are going to wrap up the Onyx Station plotline and this coup. Then, we'll see.

Thanks for the comments!

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