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Re: Star Trek: Shaping a Cardassian

I have completely rewritten Alon Ghemor's dialogue. Only the beginning with the tea wasn't deleted, but everything else was. I'm glad he seems a reasonable man; he wasn't supposed to be an idiot, even if my main character sees him as such.

I think Jarol and Brenok went through too many things together and their friendship is strong enough to survive even those silly words he's said. Yes, he hurt her, but she lost Jarol, she lost Demok, she lost Damar, she wouldn't want to lose Brenok over words. She refused to listen to his apologies, but she knew he was sorry. She knew it wasn't deliberate intention, but talking before thinking. He does that a lot recently, doesn't he? Talks before thinking.

Tarkan... well, Tarkan. At least he's trying to adapt to new Cardassia, where Glinns yell at Guls

Thanks for comments, they made me feel this chapter wasn't as boring as I'd thought it was.
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