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Re: Star Trek: Shaping a Cardassian

Wow...I really thought Brenok's friendship might be finished after that--especially after Jarol refused his apology. If it hadn't been for Brenok helping Laran, I don't know what would've happened.

I'm glad she waited before she went to the temple, though...otherwise I think she might have decided that those are the kind of people the law should be changed to suppress again. I'm glad she was able to see Brenok sing, though I can definitely see that she doesn't understand if she thinks it's ONLY about singing. I wonder if she'll realize why Brenok hides the names of the Oralians.

Oh, and what I would do for a look at Brenok's padd...who knows what kinds of interesting things could be on it?

I liked how you portrayed Alon Ghemor--even though she disagreed with him, he definitely showed that he wasn't an idiot, AND he really laid out his position in ways that were difficult to ignore. I also loved his fact, his gesture with the tea sounded a LOT like something I described his cousin Tekeny doing for his staff in one of my stories!

I just hope this Ferengi plan isn't going to backfire--either unintentionally or because certain people are intentionally choosing a less effective or even dangerous plan in order to embarrass Ghemor. And while Jarol and Daset did a good job of finding out what Tarkan likes and giving him a place where he might feel valued, I doubt that would be enough for him. And I wonder how many others might be willing to take extreme measures...
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