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Re: Star Trek: Voyager - A Marathon Re-visit.

ELOGIUM - 2x04 - 3/5

This episode contains a lot of Neelix annoying the hell out of me in the beginning and then using him to explore the issues surrounding potential fatherhood, although, it's explored in a very superficial manner.

There are two stories going on; Kes's drama with her potential pregnancy, and the external issue of the space worms attempting to mate with Voyager.

I can't help but enjoy this episode. Kes' issue is tragic, and this point isn't glossed over like so many issues in Star Trek, but has some humourous moments here and there - such as her madly eating the flowers Neelix has brought for her.

Then there's the problem with the space worms, which is pretty goofy, but again, at no point was I not enjoying what I was seeing.

The episode also stops for a moment to consider the issues surrounding Voyager becoming a mobile community in space, and the benefits and dangers therein. It's also a nice touch at the end of the episode that Ensign Wildman informs Janeway of her conceiving a child, an event that results in a semi-permanent new cast member, something this show needed a lot more of.

I have to say, the ridiculousness of Ocampan biology cannot be overstated and each time Kes adds some new bizarre aspect to their mating ritual, I couldn't help but feel this was some weird prank.

However, the space worm problem and solution is a quintessentially Star Trek story and put a smile on my face, especially when Tuvok dryly announces: "It appears we have lost our sex appeal."
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